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This is just a quick heads-up if you are drving into the mountains and rural areas in the next few months.  Deer are out on the roads, in the roads, along the sides of the roads, and they are acting stupid.  There are two main reasons right now, in the spring and early summer, to be on the lookout for deer in the road.

1) Yearlings have just been kicked out by mom.  You will see packs of two or three young, stupid, yearlings wandering without much knowledge or direction.  If one crosses in front of you, watch for the second and third behind.

2) Fawns are out in force.  These new tiny babies are out now with mom, and they don't know about cars yet.  Just yesterday, I honked at a mom and twins loitering in South Toutle Road on a blind corner.  The UPS truck was beeping away at my driveway at another doe with twin fawns.  Sometime these babies even lie down in the middle of the road as a way to escape cars!

Just driving between Toutle and Castle Rock I encountered about about twenty deer crossing, loitering, watching, strolling and wandering in the local roads and highways.  Watch out for deer as you drive. 

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